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Client Account Information
Client Account Information Site
Information at your fingertips.
        This Client Account Information site provides you with online access to all of the information you need on your clients' accounts/contracts, as well as your book of business with TD Mutual Funds or TD Guaranteed Investment Funds II (TD GIF II).
Much of the information we've provided on this site is available to you in real time. We have also provided you with easy-to-print information pages, including downloadable reports for you to use in your business.
There are three sections to choose from:
  Client Account Inquiry Section
  Client Documents Section
  My Business Section
We are sure you will find our site both informative and easy to use. If you have any questions that are not answered below or by our Help Page,  please contact our Dealer Services Team at 1-800-588-8054 between 8AM - 8PM ET, Monday to Friday.
Client Account Inquiry Section
The Account Summary landing page includes all the high-level details you need for each account/contract. For example; you can quickly view your clients' address, language preference, the registration of the account/contract, its holdings, and their current market value from this page.

Our remaining Client Account Inquiry pages, which are easily accessible from the left navigation bar, provide more detailed information including: transaction details, personalized rates of return by fund, Pre-Authorized Contribution Plan (PAC) details, Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) details, and beneficiary information.

All Account pages are print-friendly. You can even download spreadsheets for all historical transactions as well as personalized Deferred Sales Charge and Early Redemption Fee/Short Term Trading Fee schedules from this section of our site.
Client Documents Section
The Client Documents section of our site allows you to view and download historical Statements, Transaction Confirmations, and Tax Slips to send to your clients.
My Business Section
The My Business section is geared to helping you manage and review your book of business with us. You can generate a wide variety of reports including: Sales, Client Holdings and Assets Under Management (AUM) reports, Realized Gain/Loss, Rate of Return, Deferred Sales Charge (DSC), Early Redemption Fee (ERF)/Short Term Trading Fee (STTF), Trailers, and Commissions Paid.

These reports are available for download in either Excel or CSV format and can easily be searched, sorted, and totaled to help you assess your book of business with us.